Department of Occupational Health and Industrial Safety

Educational building № 7, room 7502, phone: (0536) 74-32-49.
  1. The Department is the main unit of higher educational institution. Department activity is aimed at ensuring a high level of students training in the fixed disciplines.
  2. The work of the Department is carried out in accordance with the annual plan of educational-methodical, pedagogical and scientific work adopted at the Department meeting.
  3. The staff of the Department consists of professorial teaching staff, graduate students and support staff.
  4. There is the head of the Department, who is elected to this position from among professors who are active in research and teaching work, have organizational skills of a leader.
  5. The Department has educational audiences, laboratories. The internal organization of the Department and managment forms of its units are determined by the Department and approved by the Academic Council of the University.
  6. The work of the University and its units aimed at creation of conditions for efficient work of the Department.
  1. The Department is headed by head of Department who is elected to this position from among professors who are active in research and scientific-methodical work and have working experience in University and organizational skills.
  2. Elections for this position are conducted by the Academic Council of the University for a period of 5 years taking into account the recommendations of the Faculty Council and meetings of scientific and pedagogical employees of the Department by secret ballot.
  3. The Department include: professorial teaching staff and teaching support staff.
  4. To more effectively support the learning process it can be assigned Deputy head of the Department for educational and methodical educational work.
  5. Total area of the Department – a 205.5 m2.
Material-technical base of the Department includes:
  • Laboratory for occupational safety (room 7504);
  • Laboratory civil defense (room 7501);
  • Laboratory for life safety (room 7507);
  • The total area of the laboratories (7504, 7501, 7507) is 127.5 m2.
  1. The main objective of the Department is to ensure high-level students study the disciplines assigned to the Department.
  2. As part of the educational work, Department provides the curriculum classes in all forms of education (full-time, part-time); developing working curricula from assigned subjects; conducts methodological work, including the writing of modern textbooks and educational materials; implements new methods of teaching.
  3. In the field of research work Department conducts theoretical and experimental studies at the modern level, participates in the implementation of economic agreements and studies on intercollegiate programs for students and graduate students, attracts students and graduate students in active research work, organizes scientific conferences.
  4. The Department takes part in training of highly qualified specialists specialists through postgraduate, doctoral, training, and encourages the protection of candidate and doctoral dissertations.
  5. In the field of educational work, Department: develops themes and programs for courses and seminars; establishes all forms of classes, the ratio between lectures, laboratory and practical studies according to the curriculum; monitors the academic work of students and graduate students, using its various forms - verbal and written tests and exams, credit-module system of ongoing monitoring, testing.
  6. The Department maintains business ties with the Universities of Ukraine and abroad on issues related to its educational and scientific activities.
Head of the Department is subordinated to the Dean of the Faculty, the University administration and administers the Department solely in contact with the workforce and public organizations.
The Department maintains business relations with the Dean, guidance and relevant services of the University.
Relationships within the Department staff are based on respect for the individuality of each employee of the Department on the basis of integrity, decency, responsibility for the decisions of humanity.