Graduates of the Department will be able to successfully work in Ukraine on the primary positions of specialists on labor protection at the industrial enterprises of all forms of ownership, bodies of state Inspectorate and the office for labour protection, tartarelli scientific centers, scientific-Vodoley institutions, insurance Fund against accidents and other institutions.
Positions that can be occupied by graduates – inspectors, engineers for the protection of labour, Department for labour protection, Deputy Director of industrial safety and others.
Given the current state of labor protection in Ukraine, development of the state system of labour safety management and professional requirements for specialists on the prevention of occupational injuries, industrial safety and labour protection, and also the need of employers (organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership), experts on labor protection are always in demand. Even in today's difficult economic conditions, the Department has already received orders for specialists from state and commercial structures. Therefore, every future issue-nick Department will receive at least several offers of employment.
DK 003:2010 national classifier of professions in Ukraine:
KP 2149.2 Specialist on civil protection
KP 2149.2 - Engineer for labor protection
KP 2412.2 Insurance expert on labor protection
KP 3152 Inspector on labor protection