Features of enrolment for 2017

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Features of enrolment for 2017
1. Check the electronic classrooms of students from 29 June to 18:00 on 25 July, and the acceptance of applications from entrants solely in electronic form - from 12 July to 18:00 July 26 (July 20 for students who need to pass entrance examinations and creative competitions).

2. Ranking list of applicants based on certificates ЗНОcreative competitions and entrance examinations, indicating recommended for admission of applicants will be published at 12.00 hours on 5 August.

3. Applicants who receive recommendations must fulfill the requirements for admission to places of public order up to 18.00 on 9 August, at the expense of individuals and legal entities not later than August 14.

4. Enrollment received by the state order will take place not later than 12.00 hours on August 10 and through targeted preferential government loans for the funds of individuals and legal entities not later than August 15.
5. Entrants can submit no more than nine statements in the higher educational institutions and no more than four specialties. Submission of applications for non-budget bids will not be restricted.
6. The statement in the electronic form will be supplied by the entrant by filling in the electronic forms online.
7. It is assumed that applicants will have the right until acceptance of documents on education to apply in electronic form about the cancellation of the submitted application, but without the right to file a new application.
8. For the competitive selection of persons on the basis of complete General secondary education will enroll in the first year will be credited the points certificate testing of Ukrainian language and literature (first subject), mathematics or history of Ukraine higher educational institutions (second object) and secondary object under UPE (high school may provide the applicant's right to a choice of two or three pieces), or creative competition (third item).
9. Institutions of higher education in 2017 will be able to determine the minimum number of points certificate TESTING, the results of entrance examinations, creative competitions which the students will be allowed to participate in the contest.
10. Registration for participation in the testing will begin February 6 and will end March 17, 2017. The main session of external independent evaluation will run from 23 may to 16 June. Testing of Ukrainian language and literature will be held may 23, with Spanish, German, French languages - may 25, English language - may 29, mathematics - 31 may, history of Ukraine - 2 June, Russian language - June 6, biology - June 8, geography - June 12, physics - June 14, chemistry - June 16.
11. Enrollment for the program of preparation of bachelors is carried out by the state order no later than 12:00 on 7 August, but at the expense of target preferential government loans, at the expense of individuals and legal entities not later than 30 September.
12. Until 10 January 2017, the universities, which claim to places on the state order for bachelors, must approve the admission rules and submit them to a database for verification of the list of specialties and coordination by the state customer of the minimum and maximum volumes of the state order.