The development and establishment of Department of Occupational Health and Industrial Safety has occurred in parallel with the development of the Kremenchug State Polytechnic University. The first in the city of Kremenchuk higher educational institution was established in 1960 as a technical faculty of Poltava engineering and construction Institute.
In may 1972, this faculty was subordinated to Kharkiv automobile and road Institute, and in August 1974, it was reorganized at the Kremenchuk branch of the Kharkiv Polytechnic University (KHPI KF). In the same year began teaching at the Institute of discipline “Labour Protection”.
The first teacher of this discipline was Associate Professor of the Department "Manufacturing engineering department" Leonid Ivanovych Pyrogov, and from September 1976, this discipline was transferred to the Professor of "Engineering graphics" Glyavin Vladislav Oleksiyovych, which had considerable scientific and practical experience in this area, because previously he worked as head of Labor Protection Department in the research institute "Salt", Artemyvsk.
With the growth of educational institutions has increased the workload and, accordingly, the number of teachers of this discipline. So, since 1985 the course “Labour Protection” started to spread, in addition to the Associate Professor Glyavin V. A., and Associate Professor Chebenko Valeriy Mykolayovych.
Since 1989 the Kremenchuk branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute entered a new phase of development, which is marked by qualitatively different for Kremenchuk region and its phenomenon – training in full-time education.
In this case, instead of evening and correspondence faculties, there were created three new faculties: Automobile, Electromechanical and Mechanical engineering. Later were opened two new faculties – Economic and Management. This caused the need to increase the number of teachers “Labor Protection” to four.
In 1995 by order of the Director of KF KHPI, Professor Maslov V. Ye., the subject “Labor Protection” was assigned to the Department of Ecology.
In 1997 on the basis of the Kremenchuk branch of Kharkiv state Polytechnic University, Kryukiv machine-building technical college and Kremenchuk automechanical technical college it was created the Kremenchug Polytechnic Institute, which became the legal successor of the branch. It has significantly increased the requirements for the quality assurance of the educational process. At the same time by the order of MES of Ukraine № 182/200 from 20.06.1995, was introduced in the curricula of the new discipline “life Safety” and “Civil defense”.
In August 2000, on the basis of the Kremenchug Polytechnic Institute it was created Kremenchug State Polytechnic University. In the same year in the curriculum introduced a new discipline “Labour Protection in the Industry”
Thus, over a period of time since 2000, the University was formed by the disciplines aimed at the humanization of higher education.
It included:
  1. "Life Safety".
  2. "Fundamentals of labour protection".
  3. "Labour protection in the industry."
  4. "Civil defense" and from the 2011 - "Civil protection"
The staff of teachers in the specified disciplines increased to eight units.
In this regard, to increase the efficiency of the educational process in 2000, by the order of Rector of University it has been established the Department “life Safety and Graphics”, and since November 2003 a separate Department “Life Safety” headed by Professor V. A. Glyavin, and since December 2003 the Academic Council of the University elected Head, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Andrusenko Oleksandr Mykhailovych.
In 2011, there was a change of leadership of the Department – Head of the Department "Life Safety" became the doctor of technical sciences, Professor, Chebenko Valeriy Mykolayovych.
The Department of “Life Safety” provides the organization and management of the educational process in the above disciplines (lectures, practical and laboratory classes, diploma project section “Labour protection and safety in emergency situations”) at the respective faculties of the University in accordance with the curricula of specific disciplines and specializations, with currently (in 2012), composed of twelve faculty members, among them two doctors of technical sciences and four candidates of technical sciences.
In 2018, the Department of Occupational Health and Industrial Safety was established.