Training direction 6.170202 "labour Protection" (bachelor)

"Labour protection"
The occupational safety issues that have historically accompanied the development of the University since its founding. Department of "Safety" as a unit of the University, was founded in 2003, during his more than 10-year history of development has accumulated a lot of experience of teaching, comprehensively addressing all aspects of security in the industry: "health" and "safety in industry", in emergencies -"Civil defence"; in the environment – the discipline "life Safety", which lays the fundamental basis of above mentioned disciplines. Now the Department is one of the leading in Ukraine in the field of occupational health and safety. The Department has eight faculty members, including 2 professors (academic corresponding member), doctor of technical Sciences, 4 associate professors, candidates of Sciences.

ЧЕБЕНКО Валерій Миколайович

 The Department is headed by Professor n Chebenko Valery Nikolaevich.

Department on budgetary and contractual basis planning training in the specialty 6.170202 "labor Protection".
Applicants who become students of this year will be able to achieve the educational-qualification level –
bachelor, bachelor in inspector. In the future, after licensing the profession at the master's level, even after 2 years of training, qualification – master.
Training of specialists majoring in "labor Protection" is performed on the basis of modern educational technologies with application of mathematical, physico-chemical, chemical, biological, psychophysiological, and other devices for analysis and research. Places of practice students are enterprises of the city of Kremenchug, Poltava and Kirovohrad regions, departments insurance Fund against accidents, scientific and technical health centers, departments of the state inspection of Ukraine and others.
The Department has international linkages (agreements) with universities in Bulgaria (Burgas), Latvia (Riga), Moldova (Chisinau), Russia (the Kaliningrad, Novocherkassk), Slovakia (Kosice), Hungary (Mccoll) and other countries, to training international students and the provision of places of practice. 
With the aim of high quality of training students participate in International and national Olympiads, scientific conferences and competitions. The Department organizes the International scientific student's conference with the publication of abstracts of their reports. Together with the teachers prepare the article for publication in leading journals of Ukraine and abroad.
The Department has scientific society of young scientists, which promotes the participation of students in various educational and scientific events that take place in Ukraine and abroad. 
For training direction 6.170202 "labour Protection" will be used: 5 lecture halls, 13 laboratories, 8 specialized classrooms, 4 computer classrooms with a local network and have access to the Internet. 
The training program meets modern international standards of higher education and provides, along with a deep fundamental and Sahalinenergo training:
- advanced computer training (computer technology, computer graphics);
- the study of systems of mathematical modeling and optimization of production processes, programming languages and Internet technologies;
- enhanced economic training (business Economics, organization of production, management of occupational safety, marketing of innovations in occupational safety, quality management, socio-economic bases of labor protection and the like);
- enhanced social and humanitarian training (psychology of relationships and team work, basics of management, ethics of business relations, ergonomic and action basics of labor protection at enterprises, logic and the like);
- in-depth professionally-oriented training (certification of workplaces on working conditions, medical emergencies and disasters, the organization of Supervisory activities in the field of occupational safety, potentially hazardous production technologies and their identification, theory of risks, Osh management, etc.).
Students enrolled in the Department of "Safety", will be available:
- computer center with individual RA-bakimi places with a personal com-Puteri, printers, scanners and other equipment;
 teaching laboratory with industrial equipment and precision measuring equipment.
Kremenchug national University named after Mikhail Ostrogradsky has its own sports base: four gyms, water sports complex, a sports complex "Polytechnic" with an indoor arena and a football and athletics stadium with a Seating capacity 11350 power, rowing and sports base on the Bank of the Dnieper. To services of students there are four modern dormitories, two dining rooms, four cupboard. 
After the fourth course, students have the opportunity to get a second degree in law, Economics, computer education.
Graduates of the Department will be able to successfully work in Ukraine on the primary positions of specialists on labor protection at the industrial enterprises of all forms of ownership, bodies of state Inspectorate and the office for labour protection, tartarelli scientific centers, scientific-Vodoley institutions, insurance Fund against accidents and other institutions. Positions that can be occupied by graduates – inspectors, engineers for the protection of labour, Department for labour protection, Deputy Director of industrial safety and others.
Given the current state of labor protection in Ukraine, development of the state system of labour safety management and professional requirements for specialists on the prevention of occupational injuries, industrial safety and labour protection, and also the need of employers (organizations and enterprises of all forms of ownership), experts on labor protection are always in demand. Even in today's difficult economic conditions, the Department has already received orders for specialists from state and commercial structures. Therefore, every future issue-nick Department will receive at least several offers of employment.
In a competitive amount of points included assessment in the following disciplines:
1. Ukrainian language and literature;
2. Mathematics;
3. Physics.
The graduates of the preparatory courses Krnu Mykhailo ostrohradskyi will receive an additional 5 tender points.
Enrollment is based only on the results of external independent testing and the availability of the original documents.
More detailed information can be found
address: 49600 Kremenchuk, vul. Pervomayskaya 20,
 building 7, 5th floor, RM.7502, Department of "Safety", head of the Department prof, Chebenko Valeriy Nikolaevich;

- on the phone: (0536) 74-32-49

-  e-mail -

- on the website of the Department:

A full consultation regarding the preparation and submission of documents for admission You will receive in the admissions office of the faculty of science (FPN), which is located in room 7 of the housing, 5th floor, room 7516. Dean – associate Professor Bakharev Vladimir Sergeevich.